TMM #007 - The #1 rule to transform your setlists in 7 days

the Secret to effortless and impactful setlists

When you regularly create setlists, coming up with new ways to put songs together can be difficult and time consuming. And, not knowing where to put songs (or which moments to create) can be equally frustrating. So today I want to teach you the most important rule within the Setlist System we've been learning.

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Knowing this will unlock creativity within your setlists and give you the freedom to consistently build powerful moments for those in your congregations & concerts.

Unfortunately, most setlist creators don't have any guidance when it comes to creating these.

Setlists don't pull themselves together. They happen through intentional & thoughtful planning.

So now, let me introducing you to the #1 rule of this entire system (plus two more bonus rules) to help you grow in your planning:

#1 - The moment ALWAYS wins out over the number

If you remember back to the second 'TMM #002 - What's Your Number', your goal was to start adding numbers (or ratings) to songs based on their energy levels.

From there you're able to plan moments for your services & shows by assigning the appropriately numbered song to match the moment you'd like to have. That could be something like a 'Great Song' moment, or a 'Testimony' moment, for example.

But we never discussed what happens when you're in the middle of a show or a service and you fall into a moment you hadn't planned for.

#2 - Keep the moment

First, don't run away from the moment. This is something many miss and they'll sprint straight back to their setlist because there's comfort in the plan. But don't be that person, that band, that worship team...

Instead, stay in the moment and ride it out, explore it, and even enjoy the moment you've found! Some of the best times & memories in life are the unplanned ones. It's the events, the hangouts, or sites you didn't realize were along your path as you were traveling towards your destination.

So keep the moment, because it always wins out over the number!

#3 - Revisit the moment

After your service or show, don't forget to go back and analyze what happened in that unplanned moment. Did it work? Great! Did it flop? Also great! Because either way you learned. Or at least you can learn when you revisit the moment.

So how does this help to 'unlock your creativity' or allow you to 'consistently build powerful moments' time and time again?

Let me explain it through an example:

When you take make the effort to revisit the moments you've discovered, it's similar to finding a new, never-before-visited stop along your road trip.

Let's say you've spent time planning a wonderful Summer family trip to a lake house vacation spot. Before your road trip, you would probably plan out a few stops, but those would mostly be to refuel, pick up some food, and use the restroom. But what if you accidentally discovered a destination along your route that served the best apple pie and homemade vanilla bean ice cream you'd ever had?

Imagine enjoying these desserts in the cool shade of a hot day, while listening to the breeze rustling through the leaves of the large oak overlooking you and the cute country food truck that advertised Ms. Grant's 'Famous Pie Stand' with accompanying picnic tables set up for their Summer residence. You'd probably think back fondly throughout the year of the taste, the smells, the smiles, laughs, and conversations that you shared together around the table and you'd look forward to it again. I'd also bet that you'd figure out a way to get back there each time you were able.

Setlists and moments are quite similar to this example. Yes, you should still plan your moments. This is one way you can care for your audience & congregation - through thoughtful planning. But if you happen upon a wondrous apple pie stand moment, don't just go cruising on by. Stop, check things out, enjoy a new moment and embrace the journey, not just the comfort of the destination.

Next week we'll start wrapping up this series and putting it all together for you, plus I have a fun bonus for those who are a little extra adventurous!

That’s all for today. See you again next week! 👋

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